We'll Fix the Problem

Get expert garage door repair service in the Orlando, FL area

Damaged, crooked garage doors are easily spotted from the street. You want your guests to be impressed by your beautiful home, not distracted by your broken garage doors. That's why you should hire Grade A Garage Doors, LLC for garage door repair work in Orlando, FL. Many of our clients call us for garage door spring replacement services, but we can fix just about any garage door issue you may have.

You don't have to settle for subpar services. We have over eight years of experience, and we're committed to keeping our customers happy. Schedule an appointment today to get $39 off your first repair.

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What can we do to fix your garage door?

When your garage door breaks, turn to us. We handle all kinds of garage door repair jobs, including:

  • Replacing springs
  • Reattaching cables
  • Replacing rollers
  • Repositioning doors
  • Fixing damaged springs

You may not be able to determine whether you need a complete garage door spring replacement or a simple garage door realignment, but that's what we're here for.

We also offer annual garage door servicing. Even if you aren't currently experiencing garage door problems, it's important to get a yearly tuneup. Contact us today to learn about our $69 garage door tuneup special.