What Is A Garage Door Tune Up?

Answer: No necessarily a full replacement, a garage door tune-up entails an inspection and any necessary minor repairs. It can be a great way to make sure your door is in working condition

What Does Garage Door Maintenance Entail?

Answer: An annual inspection, of course, is required. Typical garage door maintenance and safety practices include:

Lubricating the parts
Inspecting the counterbalance spring system (springs, cables and attached hardware-hinges, top brackets and rollers)
Testing the reversing mechanism on your garage door opener

Can I do work on my garage door?

Some work is okay-such as simple lubrication or tightening of a hinge (if you know what you're doing). But other work is best left to the pros. For example, you should never attempt to adjust or remove the door's springs, cables or bottom fixtures. These items are under a lot of tension, and attempting any work on them could result in serious injury or death.

What precautionary measures are you taking with the COVID-19 events?

Our team are taking extra caution to ensure safety of our employees and customers. We are wearing masks, making sure to kee 6 ft distance, disinfect everything we come into contact with and avoid shaking hands.